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Fall in Love with You

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

My Thoughts

As sure as there are four seasons; change in life is inevitable. When you finally come to terms with this and not fight it; I truly believe you will find peace in your heart.

Eternally searching for that perfect kind of love, the one that little girls learn from bedtime fairytale stories where the ending lives "Happily Ever After", I was always yearning for that "perfect Love"

Having gone through so many failed relationships in my life I realized that with every one that I was in, I would somehow try to change that person or I would morph into the person that they wanted me to be, losing myself into someone whom I no longer recognized; resulting in unhappiness for all parties concerned.

Food for thought ladies...don't let anyone or anything change you. It's all on you.. your own free will.

Fast forward to present day and sharing a little secret....

I finally changed;

I grew into my own skin, no longer criticizing myself: Too fat, too short, big boobs, flat butt,

hair too straight, nose too big.....

I started becoming health conscious eating more plant based foods, less sugar, taking supplements, drinking more water and the biggest game changer more sleep and rising up at 5 am read My daily “Jesus is Calling” (words of wisdom to inspire me for the day)....exercise....

Blood flowing, heart pumping, endorphins free falling....after a few months....

I saw ME, that happy go lucky,

free spirit (now skinny!) me and Loving that person on the other side of the mirror!

I AM the Love I was always searching for......

I love my own company, communing with nature, spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, listening to music, I love to dance and meditate, I love to laugh, have fun, I love to cook and eat, I love a clean house and the peacefulness of being still by meditating.

The best part, I can do this how and when I want on MY own time and terms.

I LOVE life just the way it is calm, serene and MY WAY.

Fall in love with YOU!

Once you discover that bliss within in yourself the rest is cake; You are the Happily Ever and who may no longer want to kiss 100 toads to find your true love.

Love and Light.........

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