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Connecting With Crystals

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Once you set your intention and seek out to buy your crystals you may feel a particular pull or connection with a certain crystal, in this case....the crystal may have simply just chosen you!

Choosing Crystals For Your Intention
Let the Crystals Speak to You

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Cleansing crystals after you have bought them is what makes them truly yours! There are several ways to purify crystals, the most common of which are soaking them in salty water or holding them under running water. Afterwards you can ‘activate’ your crystal by programming it with your specific needs or intentions. This can be as simple as holding it in your hand and setting an intention for yourself.

To keep it with you at all times, attach it to a chain and make a necklace, carry it in your pocket or purse, or simply place it in the right hand corner of your bedroom.

Remember to recharge the energy of your crystals by the light of the Full Moon or Sun light and remember to set your intentions.

Sending Love and Light to all..............

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