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Sumaiya Khatun
Mar 31, 2022
In DIY Forum
Add 2 rich text ads and 1 responsive search Whatsapp Mobile Number List ad with full descriptions and headers. Use ad customizers like keyword insertion and IF functions to maintain relevance. After merging all ad groups you will have much Whatsapp Mobile Number List more data within each ad group. This in turn benefits the functioning of, among other things, a responsive search ad. Step 2. Merge campaigns The next step is to get as much data as possible in the campaigns. This can be done by merging all campaigns that have the same objective.At our client Diks Verzekeringen, the objective for each campaign was the same. Namely: a specific Target Whatsapp Mobile Number List ROAS for all insurance policies. This allowed us to merge all campaigns into 1 large campaign with all insurance policies. Please note the following Make sure to Whatsapp Mobile Number List add extensions at the ad group level to maintain relevance. Carefully check for campaign-level negative keywords that are hindering the newly added keywords. Make sure all audiences are included when merging campaigns. Merge all campaigns into the campaign that has the Whatsapp Mobile Number List most conversion data. Have you merged the campaigns with the same objectives? Then there will be much more conversion data available for Google's bidding strategies. This will significantly improve the result. In addition, you no longer have to make a budget breakdown per campaign, but you Whatsapp Mobile Number List work from a large budget. Also read: Advertising more effectively with Google Ads: learn from VakantieVeilingen [case] Step 3. Test with broad advertising Then you start Whatsapp Mobile Number List looking for new keywords. This makes more search volume available to advertise on. Visualization of broad advertising. Visualization of broad advertising. Traditionally, this is done by deploying DSA ad groups or selecting new keywords yourself. Thanks to the improved smart bidding technology of Google Ads, we can take this next step. This can be done by transferring all Whatsapp Mobile Number List keywords from modified broad to broad. We tested this for our customer. The results Significantly more search volume was achieved with +66% impressions and +52% clicks. +58% more turnover was achieved and +79% more transactions. The ROAS was identical and at the desired target. In both cases, the budget was not restricted.

Sumaiya Khatun

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