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NEW!! Try all 6 of the New Colored Electroplated Tumblers! 

The elegant structure of our Luxury Tumblers in white glossy exterior with a Electroplated interior. This stunning, rich and luxurious interior has a reflective finish that will glow with the candle's flame and reflect the candle's wax when not burning.


8 oz.

GemTone Tumblers

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Amethyst - symbolizes deep love, happiness, humility, royalty, sincerity. Natural amethyst stones are connected to the third eye and crown chakras.

    Azure Allure - Like the color of the sky on a bright clear day, breathe of fresh air and the fragrance of fresh linen wisping in the spring breeze.

    Emerald Green – Green is the color of life. It represent nature, health, prosperity.

    Orange Burst – Cheerful and optimistic orange is energetic spontaneous and uplifting

    Ruby Red - Emotionally intense – passionate – demands attention – stimulating, energetic the impulsive lover.

    Yellow Diamond – the color of happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Its color enhances creativity and helps with clear thinking.



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